Pointsbet NJ Promo Code

The well-known Australian bookmaker Pointsbet has entered the US legal sports betting market. A new online and mobile platforms is ready. Want to know all about the Pointsbet welcome bonuses and promotions? Stick around, cause we have the Answer!

Points betting – Pointsbet signature’s product

Pointsbet New Jersey is preparing a new online and mobile platforms for sports betting. It is said that the company will probably go live in the fourth quarter of 2018. According to PointsBet Ceo, Sam Swanell stated that they will offer traditional sports betting, and he is 99 percent sure that it will be via Pointsbet branding, but they still left open the possibility for partnerships.

One of the main features of this bookmaker is the Pointsbet signature’s product – Points betting. How does it work?

First of all, we should say that this is in same time high-risk and high-reward offer. Your profit or loss depends on how close the final number is to the spread.
For example, let’s say that you’re betting on a basketball game. If you bet $10 on the over at 225 and the total is 235, you win ten times the amount of your bet, that is to say, $100 in this case. This is the example of the offer when it is high-rewarding.

Don’t forget that it can be also high-risking. Let’s use the same example. You bet $10 on the over at 225, but the game goes under at 215, then you lose a certain amount of money that equals ten times of your bet, so $100 in this particular example. Pretty risky, right?

Pointsbet New JerseyThis screenshot is taken from the Australian website

Darrelle Revis – New Pointsbet face

In their conquest of North American market, Pointsbet has signed future NFL Hall-of-Famer, Darrelle Revis, to serve as a business partner and the face of its digital sportsbook, as the company begins its first foray into the recently legalized US sports betting market. In the next period expect more videos and tutorials that will present Pointsbet to American sportsbook players, trough so called The Revis Betting Academy. This will feature a series of videos that will include an overview of basic bets, an intro to PointsBetting — the company’s signature point-of-difference product — as well as a step-by-step user journey into the PointsBet app.

Claiming Your Bonus with Pointsbet NJ Promo Code

Pointsbet is one of the most famous bookies in Australia. Unlike some of them, they are not present for many decades on the sports betting scene, but they are one of the fastest growing. That’s for sure.
Since we don’t have a lot of information, we can’t exactly predict what they will be like on the US market, but we are hoping that there will be some sign-up bonus activated with or without a Pointsbet NJ Promo Code.

Now it seems like a natural question to ask: Why the Pointsbet NJ Promo Code is so important?

Simply because, if there is code required during the registration, it’s the Pointsbet NJ Promo Code actually. This code must be revealed before the users start the sign-up procedure. Then you’ll be required to enter it while registering. Without it, you won’t be qualified for the bonus and that’s why it is so important. On the other hand, if there is no code required then you just need to fill in the registration form without entering the code.

Now there’s another natural question arising: How to know if the code exists and if it exists where to get it?

Just keep following us, and we assure you that, as soon as we have more details about the Welcome Bonus, you’ll be the first one to hear them. If there’s a Pointsbet NJ Promo Code, you’ll be the first one to get it. We are constantly updating our reviews, so, if you don’t want to miss the finest offers check regularly our articles.

Pointsbet NY Promo Code

The Australian-based bookmaker has big plans for the US market. The first item on their agenda is the Pointsbet New Jersey project. However, at the same time, they intend to make Pointsbet available in New York, too. It’s likely for them to grow beyond these two locations very soon.

Since the Pointsbet is simultaneously developing in NJ and in NY, the Pointsbet NY Promo Code could possibly be the same as the Pointsbet NJ Promo Code. In that case, the Welcome Bonus that should be available to bettors from NJ will be also available to all the customers residing in the state of New York.

Pointsbet registrationThis screenshot is taken from the Australian website

Pointsbet New Jersey Mobile app

The Australian website is extremely mobile friendly. That means that you can enjoy all the features of the site from any browser of your device. You can also download a mobile app that is available for both Android and iOs users. Let’s hope that they will create an application for their users of Pointsbet New Jersey, too.